Warmth You Can Wear!

A Warm Base Layer Under your Operating Room Scrubs

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undORwear Thermal Scrub Undershirt

A Warm Base Layer Under your Operating Room Scrubs

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Warmth You Can Wear

Keeps your core warm regardless of temperature.

Custom design is undetectable beneath scrub tops.

Moisture-wickining, irritation-free fabric keeps you comfortable all day.

ECO-friendly, anti--microbial technology inhibits bacteria growth.

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About undORwear, Inc.

Our Story

We have all heard reasons why it is so cold in the operating room: "it keeps down the growth of bacteria," "The surgeons get too warm under their gowns and surgical lights," "It prevents the cement from hardening too quickly during prosthetic joint replacements." Yet there are numerous people in the OR not part of the core scrub team who suffer the chill of 50 to 70 degree environments in their cotton V-neck operating room scrubs. Our patients have the benefits of things like warming blankets and forced air warming devices to help maintain their core body temperatures, but what about us?

Outdoor enthusiasts have known for years the most effective way to maintain core body temperature is through layering. The problem in the OR is that many, if not all, products out there we can utilize for layering are frowned upon or not allowed due to professional association policies or health care regulations on OR attire. As a practicing anesthesiologist I know first hand what it feels like to suffer in a cold OR. I designed undORwear to provide a soft, moisture-wicking thermal solution to layering. Because it is designed to be undetectable beneath your scrub top, it meets policy requirements for OR attire.

More importantly, undORwear is so comfortable and warm you will want to wear it every day. The inner layer is like a soft blanket, while the flexible fabric conforms to your body and hugs you to keep the warmth inside. Don’t just take my word for it, read what our customers have to say. What speaks volumes to us is the large number of repeat customers that so thoroughly enjoy the benefits of undORwear they re-order multiple shirts for themselves and their colleagues.

Stop suffering and take control of your warmth today!